Code of Ethics

As I member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals since 1989, I pledge my commitment to the highest principles of the Massage and Bodywork Profession:

1. Commitment to High Quality Care serving the best interests of my clients.

2. Commitment to Do No Harm.  I will conduct a Health History Intake, to rule out contraindications and determine the appropriate session adaptations. I will offer referrals to other Health Care providers if needed, and conduct the session with the sole objective of benefiting the client.

3.Commitment to Honest Representations of Qualifications, adhereing to the scope of practice for Massage practitioners.

4.Commitment to Respect Client Dignity and Basic Rights, offering compassionate care, comfortable and safe environment, and upholding the integrity of the therapeutic relationship.

5.Commitment to Informed Consent, informing clients of choices related to their care, and disclose policies and limitations that may affect their care. Client consent will be obtained prior to the session.

6. Commitment to Confidentiality. Client information and communication will be kept confidential, and I will respect the client's right to privacy.