Why Should I Get Another Massage?

by Jan Luzzi LMT

You get a massage once, maybe a few times. It felt great. You moved better. You thinking was clearer. Your stress went way down. That pain in your neck was gone. You could turn it and it didn’t hurt.

So why does it hurt again? Why do I need another massage?

Well, if we do the same thing over and over again, we usually get the same result. If your computer work station isn’t ergonomically correct, and you return to that computer day after day, after that great massage you had on Saturday, and your neck hurts again, well.. maybe something needs to change.

If we continue poor postural habits day after day, we get the same pain, even after a good massage session.

If you carry that pack on that one shoulder, day after day, every day, well, after a good massage session, you probably get the same shoulder pain.

Massage intervention works best when we combine new body awareness, and more fluid muscle movement, with changes to how we’ve always worked at that computer or carried that pack.

Regular massage, or as we call it: Health Maintenance, reduces and eliminates pain, brings heightened awareness of body mechanics, and helps you stay in front of muscular problems.

Adjust the computer screen. Carry that pack on both shoulders. Get a massage. It will all help.