Easy Ways to Improve Your Posture

Photo by Nigel Tadyanehondo on Unsplash

Good posture can seem like a difficult thing to address and improve. But there are ways throughout your day, and things you can do to address and improve your posture.

Good posture is defined as holding you head upright, with your ears lined up with you shoulders, and shoulder blades softly back.

Studies have shown that sitting for more than 11hours a day can increase health problems and increase pain levels by up tp 40%.

The average American sites for 11-13 hours a day. That includes time at work, driving and at home.

11-13 hours..

So, what can you do?

Change it up.. add 2 hours of standing or walking into your day out of driving, working and being at home.

Park the car farther away from the office. Take the stairs. Go outside on a break and walk. Walk before dinner; walk after dinner.

Did you know that a 15 degree tilt of your head on a smart phone or at the computer places an additional 27 lbs. on your neck; 30 degrees places an additional 40 lbs. on your neck… and that is in addition to the weight of your head.

So.. change it up. Stand up.. Go for a walk.. head back.. it all helps!