The Positive Power of Touch Through Therapeutic Massage

Photo by Rémi Walle on Unsplash

The benefits of positive touch in a massage session are immense.
Our skin is the biggest organ in our body and one of its purposes is to experience touch.

Our bodies and our brains have complicated and extensive responses when we are touched. Our physical and muscular systems are effected, and positive and supportive touch can improve our mental health.

Numerous studies have shown that reassuring, caring touch helps reduce stress and can help us feel more connected to ourselves and others.

Our lives have become busier and sometimes more isolated by the technology that we depend on today. Positive compassionate touch can play even a more important role in our lives.

When a client completes a Confidential Health History intake form, most folks don’t list touch as a goal they have for the session.

It may not even be a conscious thought or part of the things they are hoping to receive in their session.

But it’s a benefit of therapeutic massage, and I am committed to each person in each session to provide positive compassionate touch.

Positive touch heals us.

  • It helps us reconnect to ourselves and others.
  • It reduces feelings of isolation.
  • It helps us move more confidently in the world.