Investment in Good Health

When we think of Investments, we usually think of money and financial planning: for a home, a vacation, or retirement.

We’re usually encouraged to start investing at a young age, for our financial future. ROI = Return on Investment.

What if, for not much more than you usually spend you could get a huge ROI on your health? And you could start at any time? (starting sooner WOULD give you a jumpstart)

What if that kind of investment could save you a lot of money over your lifetime?

Investing in and managing your health choices can produce that kind of lifetime savings.

The expense of a major illness is immense. Lots of those costs are often not paid for by your health insurance: and YOU pay for your insurance, whether singularly or through your employer, and that plan has out of pocket costs and high deductibles.

For example, the cost for a 40 year old diagnosed in 2011, with Type 2 Diabetes, is estimated to be approximately $200,000+, by age 65 in 2036.

That’s with a 3.1 % annual inflation rate, and out of pocket costs not covered or partially covered by insurance.

Nearly 80% of U.S. cases of Type 2 Diabetes can be prevented with healthy eating, diets rich in needed nutrients, regular daily exercise, quitting smoking and overall good health habits that enhance health and maintain wellness.

Therapeutic Massage can be one of those healthy choices.

It gives you a much needed timeout, reduces stress and cortisol levels, reduces blood pressure and helps center you in the ONE and ONLY body you have.

No trade-ins.

Over a lifetime, healthy choices, like Massage Therapy, cost less in $, and support you in powerful ways.

No trade-ins for a newer model. Take the time. Call today.