When you arrive for your session, there are some things I want you to know about.
Yes, certainly I want to know how I can help you, and how we can design the massage session
in a way that supports your comfort. I do care about those things.
But I don’t care about…

Everybody has body hair.
It’s part of being a body.
I don’t care about your armpit hair.. your leg hair.. No need to be upset if you didn’t shave your
pits or your legs.. (for those who do.)

It’s just hair. Let it go.
Or your back or chest hair. I don’t care. We just use a bit more lotion.
I don’t care about birthmarks, pimples, stretch marks, dry or wrinkled skin.
It’s just you.
If I see something that I think you should have checked out, I will let you.

You can keep it on; you can take it off. Do what is comfortable. I can work with your muscles
either way.
You areaways dropped for privacy… so you choose.
I don’t care.
You being comfortable is what is important.

Again.. we all have one..
As a massage therapist, I’ve spent a lot of time studying muscles.. where they are, how they
work, how to help reduce muscle pain.
If you have low back pain, sciatica, hip pain, upper leg pain, it can be part of the muscle mix to
work on your glutes.
I care about helping.. and you’ll be dropped for privacy.

NBD. ( No big deal)
We ALL weigh something. You have a body.
It comes with a whole miraculous system that keeps you alive, allows you to move, supports
you day and night, and moves you through your life. And it hurts sometimes.
In session, your body becomes muscles to work on, that give me information about how I can
help you feel better.
There is no weight scale in my office.
I get to work with you and your body as you are, as it is.
You get to be a body here. You get to have a body here. It’s all good.

Come in for a session.